At Bask we offer an alternative solution to be able to dress according to our values. We go far beyond simple clothing. Our clothes and the people who make them are treated with respect and, in turn, respect the environment that surrounds them. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment while empowering the communities where we work. #wearyourvalues

There are two pillars to guarantee true sustainability: the environment and the people. We are committed to ensuring safe work environments and fair compensation for the people in our global manufacturing community.

For the people

"Proudly made in the Basque Country"

"Proudly made in Bangladesh"

"Proudly made in Bangladesh"

"Proudly made in Basque Country"

Each part of the process in our consumption chain generates a direct environmental impact on our planet, at Bask we are committed to minimizing as much as possible the damage we are causing on the planet. We are not doing this just to guarantee the lives of the following generations, but out of respect for everything that surrounds us, for that connection we have with nature and for all that it brings us.

For the planet

Transparency not only implies showing everything that happens within Bask, it makes us create spaces that foster a sense of culture and community. It is important that the brand, as a glass box, reflects our culture and values, only in this way, do we open the doors to the interior of Bask to generate trust and deep emotional connection with the Bask community.

Radical Transparency


Projects that create a better planet.


"Made in, made for."

"Think global, act local."

A documentary of our trip to Asia.

Our commitment goes beyond the way we do things, we want to create a positive impact and that is why we believe that we can contribute our bit by meeting the UN's sustainable development goals.

Social garment factory in Bangladesh

Created by and for people and the planet.

Talks and workshops

Stories that inspire and raise awareness.


Fridays For Future - Extinction  Rebellion - Fuck Fast Fashion

Join the family and follow all the stories and adventures of the community.

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