A trip of social transformation.

We know that we cannot change everuthing alone, we also know that those people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do.

A trip to Asia

Dhaka, Bangladesh, 04-24-2019 Six years after the Rana Plaza disaster.

We had had the opportunity to travel to the most remote places in Asia to film a documentary that uncovers the reality behind what we wear, to some of the places most affected by the fashion industry; China, India and Bangladesh.


We witnessed the damage that this system is causing to people and the planet, we understood what it means to wear a garment that is not in accordance with our values and the true cost of a simple shirt.


What we saw on this trip, cannot be explained in words. For a moment we were complicit in a scene where we were holding a camera of more than 1000 euros, a computer and all the photographic equipment on our backs, focusing on a 16-year-old boy who worked in horrible working conditions. He worked more than 8 hours and paid less than 2 euros a day. It was there that we realized that at Bask we were not providing a solution to this problem. The boy's name is Jewel and he had been working for more than 2 years. He had only received an education from 6 to 9 years old and he was not admitted to school because he was "older".


We cried out of sadness, rage and helplessness, of seeing a reality and not being able to do anything to change it. But we also cried with emotion, seeing that among all this darkness there are movements and initiatives that fight against this paradigm. We saw passion and desire to change this industry, I have met leaders who will transform what we know today as the fashion industry.


This trip has made me understand that many small people doing small things can change the world, this trip made us see that we also want to be part of that change and that Bask made more sense than ever to change this reality.

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We know that we cannot change everuthing alone, we also know that those people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do.










La moda sostenible entiende la moda como un espacio de creatividad, expresión y respeto. En BASK creemos que es importante entender dónde nos encontramos y mirar al contexto, ya que lo que nos rodea también pone límites a lo que queremos ser.

Por eso, entendemos que en un mundo donde la rentabilidad económica predomina ante cualquier otra variable, no podemos crear soluciones absolutas. Entendemos nuestra actividad como un espacio seguro dentro de este sistema tan precario, donde la vida y las personas están en el centro.


Creemos que la voluntad de crear estos espacios no debe residir en la benevolencia de las personas, sino en las estructuras organizativas que creamos. Por lo tanto, si no hacemos participes a todas las personas involucradas en BASK en la toma de decisiones y en la repartición de la riqueza que genera, lo único que haremos será replicar el modelo actual con otros materiales, pero con el mismo final. Por eso, hemos apostado por un modelo cooperativo desde Mayo, somos Bask S. Coop. 


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