Activism works

Our planet is in crisis. Life itself is threatened. However, every crisis contains the possibility of transformation and from BASK, we want to be part of this. We rebel for this, invoking joy, creativity and beauty. We stand up in the name of truth and against ecocide, oppression and patriarchy.


We are aware that in a system that is based on materialism and consumerism, that requires constant and infinite growth to continue, that does not understand the limits of the Earth and that puts people, the planet and all beings that They live in it below the economic benefits we cannot achieve Climate Justice. While I do not know about this systemic change, at Bask we feel the responsibility to create safe and non-precarious spaces while we launch a message of inspiration and awareness to change the system from within.


We have collected more than 2500kg of waste from our seas.

We believe that the best way for people to be aware of the damage we are causing the planet is by being part of these collections. We collaborate with different associations, legal entities and local organizations in order to have a greater impact in each community in which we operate.

A trip to Asia

Made in,

Made for.

A documentary that will uncover the hidden reality behind the second most polluting industry in the world.


সদম্ভে প্রণীত বাংলাদেশে

With the help of the entire community, we have raised € 17,000

to undertake this new project.

Back home after our trip, we realized that we wanted to be one of those little people who changed the reality behind what we wear. So we ventured to create a new project, a social sewing workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Because of being the second most polluted industry and responsible of the biggest social inequalities, we rebel #fuckfastfashion





We are closing, we rebel against Black Friday

We return with a new collection next Monday, November 30, when the little common sense that we still have returns.

Join the family and follow all the stories and adventures of the community.

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