Scientists have been saying for years that we are facing a climate crisis, governments and large companies have ignored what the scientific community claimed. In 2030 we will reach a point of no return, it is necessary more than ever that we go out into the street, that they see that we are a generation that is not going to stay on the couch seeing how the world is destroyed, seeing how labor rights are violated , human rights, seeing how the Amazon is destroyed, how the rivers and seas are filled with plastic, seeing how the poles melt. The contract of the heads of state and large companies with citizens has been broken, we are faced with a system that does not set limits, that does not understand that we people have a limit, a system that puts economic benefits above life, of people and the planet, and in order to face this system, we citizens have the duty, the responsibility and the right to go out and exercise non-violent civil disobedience. That is why, individually, we are part of activism groups such as Fridays for Future and Exticntion Rebellion.

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